Here in the Gold Country…

Sitting here in the Gold Country of Northern California going through the proofing of the first book featuring the adventures of Zack and Mack, our two-headed turtle.

The boys are about five minutes away, sitting in their tank, enjoying the day as their “dad” slaves away at the keyboard.  They like to spend their day basking in the warm light.  Tomorrow we will probably go for a walk.  What?!  You don’t walk your turtle?  Turtles like to get out and about and roam the countryside.  Terrapins like to sniff the flowers, paw for bugs and do turtle things.  If you do take your turtle out for a walk, remember to never, ever, leave them alone.  Birds can be a problem, as well as errant bobcats around these parts.  The main problem is, the little guys tend to walk away.  It’s really hard to find a lost turtle.  Readers of Zack and Mack’s upcoming book, The Smile Ambassadors, can attest to that fact.

More in a moment…


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