So, What Does A Two-Headed Turtle Do to Pass The Time?

This is truly one of the questions of the ages.  I am sitting here listening to Machito and His Afro-Cubans belting out some truly tasty mambo music and contemplating this question.  Indeed, what do two-headed turtles do in their spare time?

 Zack and Mack have plenty of time these days.  They aren’t on the road yet.  That will happen in a few weeks.  That routine they have down pat.  But these days, the lazy days of winter, are filled with inactivity for a turtle.  Not that there is a lot of activity to begin with.

The boys like to spend most of their day sitting atop the bricks that I have installed in their tank.  They stretch out their legs to gather the heat from the lamp above.  A turtle, like any reptile, needs warmth to aide digestion as well as perform other bodily functions.  The hot sun keeps disease away.  It also helps them covert vitamin A into vitamin D.  Which is an essential building block for young healthy turtles.  It’s good for the older ones, too.

So, what do Zack and Mack like to do all day?  They bask, as I wrote above.  They also like to sit at the bottom of the tank and watch themselves.  They will do that for hours on end.  They will swim around and return to watch themselves.  They also like to play with the various heaters, upending them and creating a commotion in the tank.  I don’t blame them for that.  It’s something to do.  I understand.

But what do they really, really, like to do?  Watch us.  Yup.  Zack and Mack will sit there facing the front door and watch us with all intensity as we go about our daily chores.  You see, during the winter, we are off the road.  We are working down in our barn most days, getting ready for the next season.  

They boys will position themselves so they can keep track of al the comings and goings through the door.  They also have a good vantage point to watch their mother cook meals.   They never knew their birth mother, so my wife had been their mother for all practical purposes.  Of course, that means I have been their father.

When Zack and Mack smell chicken cooking they get excited, because they know that they will be feasting on that juicy white meat later.  We always save some tender bits for the boys.  Zack especially loves him some chicken.  Mack tends to hold out for the shrimp.

Ah, to be a turtle!



3 thoughts on “So, What Does A Two-Headed Turtle Do to Pass The Time?

  1. Yup, we be a real live two headed turtle. While we are here, we will take this time to shamelessly promote our upcoming ebook, The Smile Ambassadors. Maureen, in Malta, is currently doing the honors of converting the files to a proper format for ebooks. By the end of next week, if not sooner, one can go to, enter The Smile Ambassadors in the search window, and voila! Instant book! We will be offering it as a free download for the first 60 days. We hope to get positive reviews. That means, No Negative Vibes, Man! (If you happen to remember Kelley’s Heros).

    Anyway, Dweezer 19, we are indeed a real, live, two-headed turtle. Join us on our brother blog, The Smile Ambassadors. We flip back and forth between here and there with different meanderings.


  2. Please don’t think me impertinent, but is this actually a two headed turtle? I ask because i adore turtles and i think that would be an awesome thing to have living in one’s home.

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