Zack and Mack’s Second Book

The first book, The Smile Ambassadors, has been shipped off to get properly formatted for ebook publication.  The second book is currently being written.  It is titled The Smile Thief.  Currently I am writing about events that occur in the Jammu-Kashmir area of Central Asia.  To facilitate the writing, I often turn to music.  In this case, the music of the Gilgit region of what is now considered Northern Pakistan.  It used to be considered a Princely State loosely associated with India when under British Rule.  When India and Pakistan split, there was a war for control of that region.  It depends on how one looks at it in terms of winners and losers, but in the end, Pakistan controls a large potion of the region.

So what about the fascination with Central Asia?  The area becomes the scene of a plot point in the second book.  A quite study of the area and its customs as well as its music, helps an author develop a flavor for a part of the world that he or she may not have experienced.  Research is always good when writing a story.  Even if the story is fiction, research definitely helps the narrative flow.

I have found many music blogs out there that cater to the world music listener.  Stuff that is not available in America, or even Amazon dot com.  Image


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