The Smile Ambassadors

Zack and Mack have a new book coming out.  Maureen, in  Malta is formatting the book for us.  Afterwards, it will be available at  Just type in The Smile Ambassadors in the search box.

The story revolves around Zack and Mack, a real, live, two-headed turtle that will be turning eight years old later this year.

Little Constance has lost her turtle, not just any turtle but a very special turtle.  Why does the President get involved?  What about the mysterious phone call from Mr. Moto?  What devious plans has The Potentate hatched?   Follow Zack and Mack in their adventures around the globe.

The novel is some ninety-four thousand words.   It was written as a children’s novel but, it is suitable for all humans. The downloaded Ebook will be free for the first 60 days, after that it will be priced around $2.99.  All that Zack  and Mack ask, is that you leave a kind review at


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