How Do Zack and Mack and JuJu Relate?

The Smile Ambassadors

Just sitting here listening to some Juju from Sir Shina Peters and thinking how it creates a gladness in one’s heart that emanates outward.  It is much like when people view Zack and Mack for the first time.  They see this two-headed creature that at first reaction, shocks, then amazes, and then warms the heart.  They put a smile on one’s face, like the JuJu.

We first showed the boys at the Arizona State Fair a few weeks after getting them.  They were tiny little guys.  I have a photo of them next to a cough drop somewhere and if I find it, I will post it here.Image

Not much bigger than a cough drop.  Now they terrorize entire villages!  Well, hardly. 

But it always has been the smiles that the boys create when seen by both adults and children that led to the eventual writing of The Smile Ambassadors,(…

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Sitting In A Bathtub on the 16th Floor

The Smile Ambassadors

Zack and Mack have been spending the past several days sitting in a bathtub on the 16th floor of a hotel while their owners recoup from whatever virus/grunge that has been afflicting them.  Nose drool, fevers, sputum from the chest..all really tasteful things to discuss in mixed company, right?!

The boys, being off their schedule and usual locations, have decided to rebel by not eating.  Oh, they will eat some of the dried shrimp treats under protest, but nyet to the tasty worms dangled in front of them.  They should be back in their routine by Saturday.

Until then, its spending time in the bathtub.  They like it, actually.  I took a couple of pics of them in the bathtub and if I ever feel motivated, I will upload them here.  

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We Be Smiling!

It works like a charm every time.  Dried shrimp are like a crack cocaine for Zack and Mack.  Let me explain.  The boys are finicky eaters.  They always have been since day one.  No common turtle food will pass through their two beaks.  The first week we actually fed them baby food with a tiny syringe; slowly squeezing the pudding-like consistency protein into their little gullets.

We then found out that canned meal worms sent them to heaven.  So meal worms it was.  Canned, then live.  I used to break the poor little meal worms in two so the boys could eat them.  For several years they ate meal worms interspersed with occasional cooked chicken.

But from time to time, they would revolt and refuse to eat…So, it was time for the secret weapon…Dried Shrimp!  Works every time.  Kinda like marsh mellows for dogs.  They can’t get enough.

So tonight, we had to resort to the dried shrimp.  They went off the fish so, its now time to go back to the super-duper meal worms.

I know, I know, we spoil the boys.  But quite frankly they loathe anything “green.”  We tried it all and they just turn up their noses. Se tried offering an alternative diet for several days in a row, but no…the little meal tyrants would rather starve then let turtle food pass their lips…  After three or four days, I usually give in and give them what they crave….petulant little guys, Zack and Mack.

Zack and Mack Luxuriate

The Smile Ambassadors

The boys have been having a good time here in the city of bright colorful lights.  No, not Topeka, but somewhere out in the middle of nowhere.  The Las Vegas region holds some two million souls out here in the desert.  In the years we have been coming here for business, we have seen humans spreading their society to the extent that one day Searchlight will be joined with Las Vegas.  Currently, homes reach Railway Pass toward Searchlight, and Apex, on the way to Mesquite.   The only thing that will stop the growth is water.

So raise a glass of water to human expansion in the middle of nowhere.  New casinos have risen where the old were defunct.  The old Lady Luck used to serve a decent chicken pot pie…Now it is The Grand.  That template occurs all over this valley.  Humans like to flock to those bright lights…

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How to Get A Turtle To Wear A Bow Tie

The Smile Ambassadors



It was an awful task, trying to get Zack and Mack to tie their bow ties correctly.  Even on a good day, I always had trouble.  Finally we settle on those clip on ties.  Where do you clip on a tie for a two-headed turtle?  Finally we found little ties that had a loop that we could put around their necks.  At last, they were ready for their photo shoot!

Go here for the boys’ new book! 

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Our Bags Are Packed, Ready To Go Now!

Zack and Mack have their bags packed and they are they are definitely ready to go.  How do we know?  Because when it gets time to leave for the season, they slow down their eating.  Of course, the cold weather and rain doesn’t have anything to do with that.

The boys know when its getting time to go.  Same with Temple Dog when he was alive.  He being a Lhaso Apso.  He always knew when it was getting time to go.  When we finally took his dish out to be packed, he would follow, go sit in the vehicle and wait until it was time to drive.

Zack and Mack are a little different.  They watch us go in and out, with more items going out, than in.  They get the clue that something is up.  Usually, the night before, I take them out to their tank in the R.V.  They have a special tank that is out of plastic, instead of glass.  It has a built in “land” area that they like to call home.

I put the boys in there this afternoon and continued on with the business of packing.  They would just sit in the same spot.  Finally, they turned themselves around in a circle to the spot they were just in.  Funny little guys.

Anyway, their bags are packed and they are ready to go.  They know the difference between where we live and say, Tucson, or Southern Nevada, or even the Pacific Northwest.  It’s the water.  They know the difference between the well water at home and the city water we have to treat and use along the road.  Of course, they do not stay in the tank while driving.  No, we have a special little driving tank for them while travelling.  Actually, it’s a plastic box with flap lids .  I keep the boys next to me while driving.  They settle down pretty quick and nap while I drive.

Ahh, the life of a two-headed turtle.

Musings On That Turtle From Backwardistan

The Smile Ambassadors

The Smile Ambassadors is now finally out.  It is live on Amazon, and of course, the aforementioned (see below).  It has been shipped to Apple iBooks and various other outlets around the aether.

As a two-headed turtle, we are pretty impressed with ourselves.  It was difficult staggering around the keyboard and trying to hit all the right keys in the right order.  What is it they say about monkeys and typewriters?  Believe us, a moneky ain’t got nothin’ on a two-headed turtle.  

As we cruise through life enjoying the scenery with our four eyes, we notice the daffodils that have sprung up around our world.  One has to stop and smell the flowers, or is it two?  Regardless, stopping and smelling flowers is something we like to do.  That is, unless there is a race to be won.  That gets us to the point of that turtle from…

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