Twitter? Tweeter? Two-Headed Turtle!

So, we are sitting here at the edge to the desk, watching our human trying to figure out this twitter thing.  Quite frankly, we don’t get it either, and we have two brains!

There it is, the whole world howling at each other in 140 characters, or less.  No one is stopping to smell the daffodils that grow alongside the fence.  We like the smell of daffodils.  It is a slight scent that just sort of lingers in our nostrils.  They are nice to look at too.

But to get back to this tweeter thing.  It appears that one just howls into the wind and hopes someone, somewhere hears what is howled.  It’s all just too confusing for us.  Our human is a bit old fashioned and hasn’t kept up with the latest in Social Media.  He still uses pen, paper, envelopes, and stamps!  How quaint.

As for us, we just wander around desk, tripping on the pens and make a nuisance of ourselves.


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