Musings On That Turtle From Backwardistan

The Smile Ambassadors

The Smile Ambassadors is now finally out.  It is live on Amazon, and of course, the aforementioned (see below).  It has been shipped to Apple iBooks and various other outlets around the aether.

As a two-headed turtle, we are pretty impressed with ourselves.  It was difficult staggering around the keyboard and trying to hit all the right keys in the right order.  What is it they say about monkeys and typewriters?  Believe us, a moneky ain’t got nothin’ on a two-headed turtle.  

As we cruise through life enjoying the scenery with our four eyes, we notice the daffodils that have sprung up around our world.  One has to stop and smell the flowers, or is it two?  Regardless, stopping and smelling flowers is something we like to do.  That is, unless there is a race to be won.  That gets us to the point of that turtle from…

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