Zack and Mack Luxuriate

The Smile Ambassadors

The boys have been having a good time here in the city of bright colorful lights.  No, not Topeka, but somewhere out in the middle of nowhere.  The Las Vegas region holds some two million souls out here in the desert.  In the years we have been coming here for business, we have seen humans spreading their society to the extent that one day Searchlight will be joined with Las Vegas.  Currently, homes reach Railway Pass toward Searchlight, and Apex, on the way to Mesquite.   The only thing that will stop the growth is water.

So raise a glass of water to human expansion in the middle of nowhere.  New casinos have risen where the old were defunct.  The old Lady Luck used to serve a decent chicken pot pie…Now it is The Grand.  That template occurs all over this valley.  Humans like to flock to those bright lights…

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