How Do Zack and Mack and JuJu Relate?

The Smile Ambassadors

Just sitting here listening to some Juju from Sir Shina Peters and thinking how it creates a gladness in one’s heart that emanates outward.  It is much like when people view Zack and Mack for the first time.  They see this two-headed creature that at first reaction, shocks, then amazes, and then warms the heart.  They put a smile on one’s face, like the JuJu.

We first showed the boys at the Arizona State Fair a few weeks after getting them.  They were tiny little guys.  I have a photo of them next to a cough drop somewhere and if I find it, I will post it here.Image

Not much bigger than a cough drop.  Now they terrorize entire villages!  Well, hardly. 

But it always has been the smiles that the boys create when seen by both adults and children that led to the eventual writing of The Smile Ambassadors,(…

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