Sitting In A Bathtub on the 16th Floor

The Smile Ambassadors

Zack and Mack have been spending the past several days sitting in a bathtub on the 16th floor of a hotel while their owners recoup from whatever virus/grunge that has been afflicting them.  Nose drool, fevers, sputum from the chest..all really tasteful things to discuss in mixed company, right?!

The boys, being off their schedule and usual locations, have decided to rebel by not eating.  Oh, they will eat some of the dried shrimp treats under protest, but nyet to the tasty worms dangled in front of them.  They should be back in their routine by Saturday.

Until then, its spending time in the bathtub.  They like it, actually.  I took a couple of pics of them in the bathtub and if I ever feel motivated, I will upload them here.  

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