On Our Way Home

The Smile Ambassadors

The boys are enjoying their fish while I take a moment to pen this short missive.  We just finished our fair in Tucson and drove up to Las Vegas yesterday.  It is a nine hour drive made 30 minutes shorter due to a tail wind.

We have an event in Boulder City this weekend and then it is the long journey home to our little slice of heaven located where some might say is the State of Jefferson.

The website for our commercial ventures is http://www.abigkahun.com.   There, you can see what we do when books are not being written and Zack and Mack not being the center of attention.  They know when they are home.   It is the taste of the water I presume.  They sit at their tank and watch us go about our daily household activities.  Sometimes they take great interest in what we do, other…

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