It’s a Year Later and Still 3:10 in Yuma

Mack and I rolled into town a few days ago looking for some tasty worms and perhaps something to parch our thirst.  Some mean hombres tried to start something, but Mack and I gave them the smile treatment and they went away in bliss.

The days have been a tad warm and the nights bearable.  The winds have died with the heat and that is a good thing.  Next week we make the trek out beyond toward St. George, stopping just shy in a little hamlet called Logandale.

They have a rodeo out there.  We want to see humans riding cows, what a strange sight that will be.  But, we will be alone, as there are no other turtles out there these days.  (Sigh)

And after that, we head back to Arizona down Tucson way.  That was where we first met The Curator so many years ago.   But that’s another story for another time.  Until then, keep your worms fresh!


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