Zack and Mack–A Two Headed Life

The two-some Zack and Mack have decided to have a new home for their collected works.  The old site,  The Smile Ambassadors, now lays fallow, collecting dust somewhere in a cloud we suppose.

This new site with its long title will serve to talk about the boys’ various literary ventures.  They have written The Smile Ambassadors and The Smile Thief and are working on their third tome, The Smile People.

The three or so people a year that decide to venture onto this site might find a welcome home in following the strange adventures of a meek two-headed turtle.  It is true that the boys possess an unusual hold on a human’s imagination and heart.

Below one might find a few of the older posts from the old site.  Enjoy them as you may.  They are a part of this as much as the future scribblings of the boys.


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